Kepler MimbleWimble WhitePaper

Kepler Team Releases White Paper Detailing Native Blockchain Confidential Assets

Kepler, the MimbleWimble blockchain that has been running over a year, released its new white paper describing its innovative transaction protocol and confidential asset capabilities. Since MimbleWimble’s mysterious inception, privacy experts have used their magic to extend the protocol’s reach, and the Kepler team has done just that with its Native Blockchain Confidential Assets technology.

MimbleWimble technology has allowed for confidential transfers of a blockchain’s native asset with no public record of transactions, but going beyond that remained a challenge. Kepler has taken MimbleWimble technology and transposed it to Confidential Assets to allow for the invisible transfer of assets made on top of the native blockchain. Kepler’s white paper reveals that its unique technology allows for multiple assets to be transferred in parallel and include multiple inputs and outputs, further enhancing the privacy of the transaction.

Kepler's implementation has a higher level of privacy even compared to other MimbleWimble-based protocols due to the fact that Kepler doesn't have addresses. Assets based on Kepler can be sent by sharing a file, sending the asset to an https address (for example the exchange probit uses this function, or via which obscures a user’s IP address. Kepler’s implementation of Confidential Assets benefits from this, which at the same time makes CA in Kepler even more private.

Kepler’s use of MimbleWimble technology also lends to its scalability because, after pruning, the whole blockchain looks like a huge aggregated block. The chain state at any point in time can detail the following information:

  • The total amount of coins that have been mined.
  • The complete set of UTXOs
  • The transaction kernels for each transaction

About Kepler

Kepler is a proof-of-work blockchain that utilizes MimbleWimble technology for the private transfer of Confidential Assets, Kepler was forked from Grin in February 2019 and the platform has been undergoing development work towards improving and preparing the protocol for supporting Confidential Assets.
At the time of writing, Confidential Assets already exist in Kepler’s Regtest, we aim to release a hardfork update in Q4 2020 to enable Confidential Assets in Main Net.

Some of Kepler’s privacy features include:

  • No addresses
  • Transactions are sent in exported files which need to be confirmed (finalized) by the receiving party
  • Transactions can be sent via HTTPS using static IPS or randomized via services such as Hedwig to increase privacy
  • Transaction IDs will show on the block explorer but there is no connection for either one of the parties, TX id are only useful for both parties involved.
  • In Confidential Assets, both the asset type and amount are hidden. There’s no record on parties involved in CA transactions.