Kepler listed in P2PB2B

We’re happy to announce that Kepler has been listed in, this is a great exchange with an amazing interface and excelent tech and customer support.

This is another milestone in Kepler’s steady and continued growth in 2020. just two weeks ago, we announced Confidential Assets for Kepler in testnet:

Kepler trading is open at

How to deposit on P2PB2B

Depositing Kepler (KMW) on P2PB2B, due to the strong privacy features built in Kepler, the exchange developers built a solution towards providing privacy and security with the goal of protecting customer’s funds.

Here’s how to send a deposit from your Kepler Wallet command line interface (Mac OS, Linux and FreeBSD) to the exchange:

kepler-wallet send -d "" -g "yourmemomessage" 60.00

So what’s -g “” needed for?

-g “” allows you to specify a message or memo, this is optional in most cases, but it is mandatory to deposit KMW at Please make sure to always add the memo message when sending a deposit.

Please note: The above is an example, please remember to change the “memo” for whatever you see on your deposit screen

Deposits will show on your balance after 15 confirmations on the Kepler blockchain